Vauxhall joins Made in Britain campaign

The leading used van dealer in the UK, Blackwood, South Wales

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Vivaro is British!

The Made in Britain campaign, founded in 2011 with the aim to support & promote British manufacturing. The reason behind that is to make buyers aware that the products there are buying (both abroad and at home) were made in Britain.

Based on that, Vauxhall Commercial Vehicles, joined the Made in Britain Campaign, since their van model “Vivaro” is built in Luton. Now, the brand is allowed to display the Made in Britain badge on all Vivaro vans.

Made in Britain is a not for profit campaign that now includes thousands of products with over 700 members. Its members range from large manufacturers to small companies and start-ups, with Vauxhall joining Unipart, Naylor, Anglian Home Improvements and the National Gallery.

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