Vauxhall is UK's leader for retail vans in 2015

The leading used van dealer in the UK, Blackwood, South Wales

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Vauxhall had the most van sales in UK for 2015.

According to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, Vauxhall in 2015 became the leaders of the retail vans market, having more customers than any other manufacturer in UK. Vauxhall’s model Vivaro, built in Luton, is the most sold van model to small business. 

In total, Vauxhall's Commercial Vehicle market share increased to 11.2% while their sales had a growth of 28% (sold over 41,000 vehicles).  

More specifically, Vauxhall sold 13,000 vehicles to small businesses. As a result, their vans retail market share increased by 1.8% since last year.

Vivaro, Vauxhall’s medium van, had more than 27,000 units sold in 2015 while Movano, the largest van of the Vauxhall’s range, had over 5,000.

Vauxhall’s national commercial vehicle sales manager Richard Collier, couldn’t be happier as Vauxhall made a breakthrough comeback into a segment-leading position.  

He also stated that: “Vauxhall continues to provide customers with compelling offers supported by high quality, fuel-efficient vehicles with low running costs and superb manufacturer support.”

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