Van racking conversion demand is up.

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van racking

The SMMT (Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders) announced that as a result of the rising number of vans on the road the demand for van conversion is soaring.


A high number of van owners want vehicles customised to their specific business requirements but which also meet strict safety standards and minimise weight.

Customised racking over multiple advantages:

1.      It improves your staff performance

An employee wasting time trying to find the right tool represents a lot of wasted time, if the same employee knows where to find the tools straight this means he could be available to serve an additional customer.

2.      It improves your staff safety

Cargo can represent a risk for your staff, particularly if it falls on them. This can lead to costly sick leaves as well as a big rise in premium on your employee cover.

3.      It maximises your storage capacity

A messy van reduces your storage capacity, it’s the principle of the pile of laundry. If you drop a loose pile of laundry on the floor it will take a huge space, let us say that the second pile is folded for sure it will take less space. Same happens in your van.

4.      It protects your van

A very important element that only very few people think about. Loose cargo can damage your van body structure particularly if it is heavy.

Racking, therefore, becomes very important and useful for your van. This is why manufacturers started creating conversion plant. Vauxhall and Renault are among the most efficient.

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