Van Business: A Worthy Industry

The leading used van dealer in the UK, Blackwood, South Wales

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£120 Bn, that's the figure!

This figure corresponds to the value generated by the Van Business in 2014-2015.

Research has revealed that on top of delivering goods and services to our homes, light commercial vehicles – such as the best-selling Ford Transit van in the bigger picture – are also making a significant contribution to the UK economy.

According to the research with areas such as home deliveries last year, van business boosts the economy by £120BN. This is an increase of 16 per cent from 2010 and drilling this research further also reveals that the Ford Transit we mentioned above will add almost £200,000 to the economy alone in its own lifetime!

Commenting on these figures James Broadhead, CEO of Close Brothers Motor Finance, said: “Although vans are a common sight on our roads, we can often overlook their important role within our wider economy.

“They are an integral part of the supply chain for almost every industry and service, and with the rapid growth of online shopping they are increasingly used to deliver a wide range of food and other products to our homes as well.


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