Motoring accidents including dashcam evidence triple in 2 years

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New research has found that the number of motoring insurance claims involving evidence from dashcam has more than tripled in two years.

According to a study commissioned by claims management company Accident Exchange, motoring claims are three times likely to include evidence from dash cam footage than 2015 - when only 202 incidents involved dashcam footage, compared to 778 in 2017 so far.

The surge in popularity of dashcams began in 2015, which saw a 918% rise in dash cam sales and motorists are being offered lower premiums by some insurance providers for installing a dashcam in their vehicle. Dashcam footage can not only be used to understand crash data in an accident, they also encourage fewer disputes between parties and therefore a faster resolution of the claim for both drivers and insurance companies.

Scott Hamilton-Cooper, from Accident Exchange, commented: “For many, the post-accident experience is one of the most stressful elements of car ownership, and it benefits everyone – motorists, accident management firms and insurers – to make it simple, stress-free and to limit unnecessary claims disputes."

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