How Volkswagen intends to keep its customers

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Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles offers a discount up to £1,500.

As a consequence of the recent diesel scandal, Volkswagen saw a 20% drop in their sales ever since. In an effort to keep their current clients, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles offers an up to £1,500 discount off the price for a new vehicle to existing Volkswagen van owners.

For those who are with the Caddy van they will have £500 (ex VAT) taken off the price. T6 Transporter (including the Shuttle and Caravelle passenger carrying derivatives, and the California campervan) and Amarok customers will benefit from a £1,000 reduction, while those purchasing a Crafter will see a full £1,500 discount on the starting price.

Volkswagen will contact current customers straight and they will provide them with more details about the discount offer. They will also invite them to visit one of the company’s dedicated UK Van Centres. There they will have the chance to discuss about a vehicle of their interest and should it meets their demands place an order. 

The offer is available to those who own a Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle of any age or type, as well as to their family members or those living at the same address. Bear in mind that this discount offer is only valid for new vehicles that have been ordered before the end of March 2016 from participating Van Centres.


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