Full details of the new Volkswagen Crafter revealed

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The new van of Volkswagen is due to arrive in the UK early in 2017

The new van of Volkswagen is due to arrive in the UK early in 2017. In the meantime, though, the German brand has already released Crafter’s full technical details publicly.

Volkswagen had as its major target to keep low ownership costs while producing an economic efficient van. Other than that, the brand also implemented a different type of systems on the van so that it can help the driver when stuck in traffic, or help avoid busy roads.

It also helps the driver in terms of manoeuvre ease when it happens to drive on a muddy road. In essence, it helps the driver get out of the worst possible situations easier when driving.

Added to that, Crafter will have the all-new EU 6 engines as well as a new exterior design. This will enable the model to produce the lowest consumption and emission figures possible. The engines are designed in such a way that both short and long-distance trips will never have downtime problems.

The new Crafter, is the perfect eye candy for those drivers who are looking for a reliable van, that at the same time has low maintenance and repair costs, which in turn is translated into a positive effect on total cost of ownership over the vehicle’s lifecycle.

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