FTA tries to change the bad boy image of vans

The leading used van dealer in the UK, Blackwood, South Wales

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The FTA launches a new Van Excellence programme.

To counteract the perception of van drivers being "bad boys" of the road. The FTA will enforce an initiative to drive up fleet operators compliance.

The FTA will play a Key Role in the first Commercial Fleet Summit and Exhibition taking place on 24th September at the International Centre in Telford.

Karen Dee, FTA Policy Director mentioned: “It’s difficult to imagine a world without vans; they are intrinsic to the world we live in today. Modern life is powered by vans, but with power comes responsibility. Businesses that operate vans must do so in a safe and compliant manner. Businesses that don’t will find them being taken off the road by the authorities. Van Excellence members already recognise the importance of excellence in their operations, but it is now time for all in the sector to join forces and help professionalise this growing industry.”

We can't agree more with her and are glad to see that actions are taken against bad driving.

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