Don't let your vans drag your business down

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Many business owners don't know that a poorly maintained van can cost up to £4,000 every day.

Penalties, lost income, overloaded vans can be extremely expensive.

MANY business owners have no idea that keeping a van in poor condition could cost them up to £4000 every day – this figure has been worked out based on penalties and lost income estimations due to poorly kept and overloaded vans from the Driver & Vehicle Standard Agency.

It is therefore crucial for all businesses to keep vans legal, by ensuring that company vans are not overloaded and that there are no serious mechanical defects. Shockingly, over 8 in 10 vans that are stopped by the DVSA are overloaded, and over 6 in 10 vans have mechanical defects.

DVSA fines range from £50 to £300 for LGVs per offence, and as DVSA are making more sport checks than ever before, it is imperative that your van is loaded correctly and also maintained properly.

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