Cost of crossing the Severn bridges cut from today

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Cost of crossing the Severn bridges cut from today

For the first time ever, the cost of crossing to and from Wales using the Severn bridges has been cut for car drivers, van operators, heavy good vehicles (HGVs) and coaches as of 8th January 2018. The Severn bridges were handed over to public ownership at midnight, with crossings now VAT exempt.

In preparation for the tolls on the two Severn crossings being scrapped at the end of 2018, the price drivers into and out of Wales on the M4 and M48 crossings has been cut by 20% from £6.70 to £5.60 for cars, from £13.40 to £11.20 for small bus and van operators, whilst crossing in a lorry or coach will now set you back £16.70 instead of £20.00.

The two bridges went into public ownership at midnight on Sunday 7th January 2018, with Highways England now responsible for the crossings, of which the first bridge was opened in 1966.

"This will boost Welsh employment and establish lasting relationships between the economies and communities of south Wales and south west England, creating the most natural growth corridor spanning from Cardiff through Newport to Bristol," said Welsh Secretary Alun Cairns.

The handover to Department of Transport means all staff currently employed by Severn Crossing PLC have been offered jobs with Highways England.

The Freight Transport Association (FTA) has now pressured the Conservative-led UK Government to give certainty to the industry by providing a clear date for when the toll will be removed altogether.

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