A review of the Volkswagen Transporter T6

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Volkswagen's world famous Transporter Sixth Generation

During the 65 years of existence of the Transporter has seen 6 generations succeding with a total amount of 12 million transporters registered.

This new generation is what could be considered a refresh of the T5. However its technology has evolved via the adjunction of new features.

First of all, the 6th generation will by available in four engine variants of respectively 84, 102, 140 and 180hp reaching speeds up to 119mph. Traditional technologies such as the Blue Motion are associated with more modern ones such as the regenerative braking system and low rolling resistance tyres.

Massive improvements have been realised when it comes to fuel efficiency up to a level of 47.9mpg as well as it terms of CO2 emissions of 153g/km.

Also the new version comes fitted with a Euro 6 engine it is also fitted with a 13-litre AdBlue tank (AdBlue is a liquid which main purpose is to reduce the amount of Nitrogen Oxyde (NOX) released in the atmosphere.

The van is also fitted with great systems such as the Automatic Post-Collision Braking (that aims to prevent a secondary collision after an accident), Adaptive Cruise ControlLane Change AssistHill Hold Assist and a Driver Alert system.

In a word, this van is a concentrate of what we naturally expect from a German-engineered vehicle.

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