1 in 2 Vans fails first MOT

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50% of all Vans fail their first MOT!

Volkswagen released a new research showing that 50% of all vans fail their first MOT. Even worse, the failure rate has only improved by 1% over the last three years. Even worse, although this is a known issue, little is done towards its rectification.

Adding to that, as MOT is a vehicle and roadworthiness assessment, this 50% failure rate of the three-year-old vans raises quite significant safety concerns for both van drivers and motorists.

On the other hand, it is quite encouraging that 45% of MOT fails could be simply avoided through simple regular maintenance.

For example, 32% of the vans failed due to faulty bulbs, 5% failed because of worn tyres, 8% failed because of faulty mirrors, windscreen wipers, washer fluid or illegal number plates. Another 40% of failures is caused because of excessive brake and suspension wear.

Any of the above could be easily detected if only regular maintenance had been taking place, over the past years.

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