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Buying a van can be an expensive, but essential part of running a business. If you're just starting out or don't have the capital to purchase a van outright, taking out a finance agreement could be the answer.

Instead of personally paying the full amount to the dealer, your chosen finance company will purchase the van from us on your behalf. You then make fixed monthly repayments to the finance company until you repay the full amount borrowed, with interest.

Using this method of payment helps to spread the cost of your commercial vehicle over a number of months or years – perfect for business owners who need to keep a close eye on their cash flow.




We've been supplying vans across South Wales since 1945, so we're an established business that you can trust. In that time, we've built a fantastic reputation for providing quality vehicles and a hassle-free sales process.

We work with the UK's most established finance providers including MotoNovo Finance and Close Brothers Motor Finance. Our extensive network of finance companies offer a range of finance products with low monthly repayments - spread across any period between 12 and 60 months - and competitive APRs, which our Business Manager uses to find the best deal for your individual circumstances and budget.

Regardless of whether your credit rating is excellent, good, fair or poor, the finance experts here at Capels will discuss all your options with you. Some of the finance lenders we work with specialise in offering loans to customers with poor credit profiles. If you're not sure if you'll get accepted for a used van finance agreement, it's always best to talk to our specialists first.




Majority of the finance agreements that our customers take out are Hire Purchase (HP) deals, but we also offer VAT Assist which is exclusively available from MotoNovo finance.


As the name suggests, a Hire Purchase deal is taken out with the intent of becoming the owner of the vehicle at the end of the term. Every HP agreement can be broken down into three parts.

Firstly, there's the deposit. Typically, 10% of the value of the vehicle is considered to be a good deposit that will help to produce affordable monthly repayments. For example, if the van you want to finance is £8,000, using this rule would dictate an £800 deposit. However, 0% deposits are available subject to status.

Once you've settled on a deposit amount to put down, the monthly payments can be calculated. HP agreements can be spread across 1 to 5 years: the longer the term, the lower the monthly repayments, but the more interest you'll pay. It's important to strike a balance between how much you can afford each month and how long you want to be paying for the van.

Finally, you can choose to pay the Option To Purchase Fee (normally a nominal figure between £10 and £50) to become the legal owner of the van. Alternatively, you can return the van to us and use its value as a part exchange on your next commercial vehicle from Capels.



This finance product is only available when you choose MotoNovo Finance as your lender. It's based on a traditional HP loan where an amount equivalent to the VAT is deferred until the third instalment of the payment plan.

It is not necessary for a deposit to be put down, although you can if you want, to reduce the monthly repayments. This product is exclusively for VAT registered business customers and can only be taken out to finance a van.


As a VAT-registered business, there are a number of tax breaks that you can take advantage of to make the purchase of a new van cheaper. For instance, you can claim 100% VAT back on all the monthly repayments. The interest you pay each month is also tax-deductable against profits.

The cost of the van 'rental' can be classed as a tax-deductable expense against your income tax bill, but how you claim for it depends on how you pay tax. The van can be claimed as a capital allowance using traditional accounting. If you use cash basis accounting, the claim process is almost identical unless you're using simplified expenses.

Finally, a business can claim the full cost of a capital expenditure against profits in the year of purchase through the government's Annual Investment Allowance (AIA). From 2016, the AIA limit for every business was £200,000; this has been increased to £1,000,000 from January 2019 for two years.

You can make an AIA claim when you purchase your van with a Hire Purchase agreement and you can even claim for the payments you haven't made yet when you start using the van, but you can't claim on the interest payments.


The application process itself can be completed in 5-10 minutes. We just need to know a few basics about you, your address history, your employment history, your banking history and income. You can provide us with these by filling out the form at the bottom of this page.

We understand that your time is money and that you need to keep your business moving. That's why most of our lenders are able to make a lending decision in under one hour, so you could drive away in your new van the same day.

Capels Van Centre is open seven days a week - Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm, Saturday 9am to 5pm and Sunday 10am to 2pm. For completely impartial advice and to hear more about the various finance solutions available on our used vans, pick-ups, 4x4s and minibuses, call our dedicated team on 01443 831209. Alternatively, complete the below form and we’ll get back to you with available finance options for your desired vehicle.


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