Will Volkswagen BlueMotion Technology Save Me Money?

September 17, 2018 at 1:30 PM

BlueMotion is a sub-brand label introduced by Volkswagen in 2007 to indicate its greenest vehicle variants. It refers to a variety of technologies that have been developed to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions in an attempt to save the owner money.

Most models across the VW commercial vehicles range are available with BlueMotion technology - just look out for 'BlueMotion Technology' or 'BMT' in the description of the van.

BlueMotion is not one single thing, but a combination of four different technologies that work together to make Volkswagen light commercial vehicles more fuel efficient.


Quite a common technology in new vehicles, the start/stop feature allows you to save fuel by automatically turning the engine off when you stop and put the van in neutral. This is even easier in an automatic because the system deactivates the engine whenever you come to a standstill.

The engine starts up again as soon as you press the clutch in on a manual or step on the accelerator in an automatic. This technology is particularly useful around town where there are more traffic lights and in slow moving heavy traffic because it can reduce your idling costs and cut harmful emissions.

Whenever your engine is ticking over, it's using fuel and costing money. Turning the engine off also makes your van a quieter and more peaceful place as you sit in the traffic waiting to be on the move again.


These tyres have been specially designed with enhanced grip so they don't need to work as hard to get your van moving, which is particularly useful when you're carrying a heavy load.

The reduced friction with the road also keeps the tyres rolling, reducing the amount of energy the engine uses during constant motion which helps to reduce fuel consumption.


Typically used on electric and hybrid models, regenerative braking helps the van to charge its own batteries by recovering energy that's lost during braking. This energy is then stored and reused for acceleration or engine start purposes.

The recycling works by raising the voltage of the alternator - the part that charges the battery from the engine - when you're braking and lowers the voltage when you're setting off. As a result, there's less strain on the engine which helps to save fuel.


Smooth acceleration helps to reduce fuel consumption; sometimes, on an incline, the engine can be over-revved to ensure that the van doesn't roll backwards.

Hill hold assist keeps the brakes on for a short time when you're stopped on a gradient, meaning that you don’t need to rev the engine unnecessarily and can make a smooth and efficient getaway. 


The innovative range of energy-saving technologies of Volkswagen BlueMotion work to improve fuel efficiency. The amount of money you can save depends on the number of miles you cover.

A high mileage driver will definitely be able to see the saving on fuel costs by spending more time in between trips to the petrol station. Low and average mile drivers will still experience lower fuel bills and reduced emissions, but it might not be as obvious.


If you're interested in BlueMotion technology for your next van, search our Volkswagen commercial vehicle stock online.

*Hill hold assist is included as a fourth element of BlueMotion technology on Caddy models only.

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