Why Brand your Van?

August 23, 2016 at 1:54 PM

Marketing today has become international with the world wide web, with vehicles, with magazines and newspapers and with word of mouth. If you are looking for your business to turn in some extra profit this season then try out a unique way of advertising.

Will branding suit my business?

If you look along the motorway as you are driving, you will see that every truck or commercial vehicle is branded with a logo, information about the company and a basic brief of what they offer. To be able to understand if this is what your business needs then first think about the investment costs to see if it affordable and secondly think about the market you can reach.

Do you drive about in busy areas, do you sit in traffic a lot? If your van is parked in quiet areas then the chances of you pulling in clients this way isn't very likely but if your van is on the go all the time then your chances increase.

Think of your van as a moving billboard. It will grab attention and it will become familiar to the public. As proven by statistics in the past people choose to use services or buy products from familiar, known brands. This is a great way to become 'known'.

The pro's of branding your vehicle

If you already have a business vehicle that you pay yearly expenses for such as insurance and tax then it is worth paying a little extra to add your logo and information to the vehicle. It is a one-time investment meaning there are no additional advertising fees as if you were using an advertising company for billboards, posters, flyers or online ads.

The advertisement is flexible. Wherever the vehicle goes, the ad goes. You will get many viewers taking a look at your van and if you choose something bold and catchy then you might get a few new customers too. The ultimate estimation is that through branding your van you get a possible 3,000 views per hour!

What types of branding are available?

There are two specific types of branding available. The first type is sign writing and the second type is wrapping. Signwriting is done with paint, sprays, and stencils and can be done onto the base of your car. Wrapping is a whole new vinyl wrap which will give you a blank canvas to work with. Wrapping is the most expensive option but preserves the bodywork and original paintwork on the vehicle itself.

Next time you are stuck in traffic, have a look at what companies are out there by checking out commercial vehicles. You could reach potentially a whole new customer base when branding your van and with the options offered today at easy prices, you can't choose wrong.



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