Van Maintenance - 6 Tips to Help You Keeping It Roadworthy

July 23, 2015 at 12:53 PM

Vans are a working man's best friend. Whether you are considering selling your van to upgrade to a new one, or looking to increase the length of its life, van maintenance is extremely important. Proper maintenance will increase the resale value and help to ensure your van can always be relied on when you need it the most. Here are some tips on how to keep it in fighting fit condition:

1. Tyre Maintenance

The space in the back of vans is fantastic for storing tools and equipment but this extra weight does increase the pressure on van tyres. Air pressure should regularly be checked to ensure the tyres are safe and offer the best performance. Too much pressure can cause blow-outs, whilst too little can increase wear and tear.

2. Engine Maintenance

Maintaining a van's engine is essential to improving reliability. Regularly checking oil is a simple and effective method to improve the health of an engine. Learning to do this yourself, instead of going to the garage, will save you a lot of time and money. Other things to check are coolant levels, screen wash levels and air filter condition. If you are more adept with mechanics then it is beneficial to check brake fluid levels too. 

3. Exterior Maintenance

Although it will not help your van to perform better, exterior maintenance should never be overlooked. Keeping your van clean will increase the resale value whilst reducing the likelihood of rust appearing under the paintwork. Additionally, a clean van will present a better image, possibly leading to additional job opportunities.

4. Interior Maintenance

Often, the professions of van owners mean they will have dirty shoes, clothes and hands, which can lead to a very dirty interior. Seat protectors can help to ensure that once the time comes to sell your van, the interior will look as good as when it was first fitted. It is also helpful if anybody using the van takes a few seconds to clean themselves as much as possible before getting in.

5. Lights

Maintaining a vehicle's lights is important for the safety of yourself and other road users. Lights should be regularly checked to ensure they are working, not only is it dangerous to have a broken light, it is also against the law. Van owners in particular need to make sure they regularly clean their lights, as dust and dirt can collect and affect the light's performance. 

6. Security

Vans are often a target for criminals, so to maintain them it is important to make sure they are as secure as possible. Dimming the rear windows is a good way to deter criminals and help to prevent break-ins. additionally, locks and alarms can be added to secure your van. 

By following these simple tips you will extend the life of your van, increase its reliability and ensure that it retains as much of its value as possible.


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