Six Exceptional Uses for a Van

September 22, 2015 at 11:19 AM

Everyone knows that vans are great, practical and versatile vehicles. Vans can transport everything from building materials to garden waste, and deliver everything from your morning post to the coffee table you found in that vintage shop on the high street. Business would grind to a halt for many companies without the beloved van. But, the van is much more than a well-loved workhorse, as these six exceptional uses for a van easily demonstrate:

Use it to solve mysteries

Get out the blue and green paint, find some friends and a large dog, preferably one that talks, and start unmasking ghosts, ghouls and all other things that bump in the night. If that doesn’t suit the adult in you, become a ghost hunter, or expert in the paranormal instead.

Travel the world, or at least Europe

You don’t have to be a hippy to live in a van and travel the open road. A van is a cost effective way to see new places and meet new people. It’s much cheaper than hotels or a B & B, and certainly more weather resistant than a tent.

Create a mobile disco

You know those car meets where the owners are admiring the size of the speakers they have been able to shoehorn into their boot space? Imagine turning up to one of those with a van stacked with speakers and state of the art hi-fi equipment. You would quite literally blow the competition away. Alternatively, have slightly less equipment, add a few lights and pillows, and own the first mobile nightclub in your area.

Getting your beach body ready

One of the major problems with going to the beach is getting changed. No matter how well you hold that towel, it always seems to fall at the critical point in getting changed. If you own a van, all your problems are solved; simply park close to the beach, hang a few dividing curtains inside, and you have the perfect beach changing rooms.

Take art to the people

Do you have an artistic flair that needs exploring? Then why not open your own gallery and display your work on the move? You could even work with local art students to showcase their work on and in your van; it will bring a whole new meaning to studying Van Gogh.

Be serious and help people

If none of the above options has captured your imagination, why not put your van to work, helping your local community? Vans of all shapes and sizes can be used to move people and much-needed items to support the elderly, sick and homeless in your local area. You could also use your van to deliver meals to the elderly at home, open a soup kitchen, or transport clothing and bedding to the homeless and local shelters.

It’s not just people that could benefit from your van either. Many individuals struggle to get their pets to the vets as taxis are expensive, and many won’t carry larger dogs. See what you could do with a van and who you can help, even if it is only by making them smile.


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