Maximise the productivity of your van business

March 29, 2017 at 10:06 AM

If you spot a van model that you love, buy it before someone else does. Even if it isn’t perfect, a few adjustments will go a long way in maximising its productivity.

You could change the vehicle’s tyres, replace the engine control unit or put in fresh bushings to peak its performance. This will lead to an enhanced driving experience and allow you to save money that would otherwise be used on paying for excess fuel or making repairs. What’s more, most of these changes are very easy to make and inexpensive.

1. Change tyres

Replace stock tyres with ones that have better grip and traction. Vans that have tyres with greater grip will accelerate faster allowing you to enjoy long drives with your family. Purchase them from reputable dealers to ensure that the traction on the tyres can withstand weather changes. Inflating them to the pressure that the manufacturer has recommended will also ensure that they stay longer.

2. Install cold air intake

Factory intakes are typically designed for reducing engine noise. Replacing your van’s intake with a cold air intake which is made to maximise power will increase fuel efficiency and increase horsepower. The replacement will also keep the temperature of the engine cool as it travels and allows for a hotter burn which produces more horsepower.

3. Reprogramming the engine control unit (ECU)

This will ensure the engine operates smoothly as it regulates the air to fuel ratio of the engine to ensure that everything is consistent, even if the air density or temperature changes. A new van comes with an ECU that is based on factors such as emission reduction and increasing reliability. You can have the van’s engine control unit flashed with a programme that focuses on performance to increase petrol mileage.

4. Replace the van’s bushings

Bushings are necessary because they reduce vibrations in the van. However, the ones that are made in the factory quickly fall apart because they are made of rubber, a material that isn’t durable. You could swap these with polyurethane bushings which last longer and are better at stopping vibrations and reducing weight transfer. Upon installation, make sure that you properly grease the polyurethane bushings to prevent them from making squeaking noises. You could replace them one by one or purchase a kit to change them all at ones. To remove, just press to release them from their housing.

5. Install a shorter gear stick (aka Short Shifter)

If the gear stick is shorter, the van will perform better. This is because the new gear stick will move a shorter distance and reduce the times it takes to select another gear. This means that you can quickly move the gears, making fast driving a better experience for you.


It’s impossible to cover everything that you could modify in your van in one article. However, these five changes that we’ve talked about are important to improving your van’s productivity. Modifying a van takes very little time yet it can be so rewarding. Go on, and start making your van the best that it can be.

And do not forget all the changes you make should be done by accredited professionals and signalled to your insurance company. All these changes have to be compliant with the legislation, it is your responsibility.

Happy driving!


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