Keeping Your Van Safe And Secure

February 06, 2017 at 4:31 PM

Vehicle theft is an ever-evolving crime, thieves are constantly coming up with new ways to relieve you of your van or the valuables stored within. Let's have a look at a few simple ways you can protect your van and its contents from the crooks:

Park safe

Something as simple as parking in a safe place can reduce the chances of your van being stolen or broken into. If there is space available, try to park under a street lamp. A would-be thief is more likely to stick to the shadows to avoid being noticed than operate in a well-lit area. If you are able to park your van on your own driveway, consider installing security lights or CCTV, this should deter any thieves who wish to get their hands on your precious vehicle. If you are lucky enough to have access to one, the safest place of all to store your van is in a locked garage. Keeping your van out of sight and under lock and key should leave the criminals looking for an easier target.

Keep your van keys safe

The quickest way for someone to steal your van is to get hold of the keys and just drive away. No matter how many locks, alarms and immobilisers you have, if a thief can swipe your keys then you have made it all too easy for them. If you're out and about, try to keep your keys in a zipped pocket or bag to deter any pickpockets. At home, taking care of your keys is also an easy way to keep hold of your van. Although they may be easy to find, hanging keys on a hook by the front door is not the greatest place to keep them. So-called 'letterbox Burglary' is now common, with thieves simply putting a rod or piece of wire through the letterbox and fishing for the keys. The best way to stop a thief getting their catch of the day is to keep your keys out of sight and out of reach of the front door.

Invest in security systems

The chances are your vehicle will already have an immobiliser and an alarm fitted as standard. In addition to these, there are various other security devices on the market to make a thief think twice before attempting to vanish with your van. Steering wheel locks and pedal locks are just two cheap ways of adding an extra layer of security to your vehicle. Of course, all these locks are useless unless you use them. Forgetting to lock your van, even for a minute, could give a criminal the opportunity they've been waiting for.

If you are serious about security, it may be worth having a tracker fitted. If the worst happens and your van is stolen, a tracker will give you a good chance of apprehending the culprits and getting your property back. As well as giving you extra peace of mind, trackers can also reduce your insurance premiums.

Reduce visibility of valuables

Leaving valuables on display is inviting the attention of any passing villains. If you are not in the van, put phones or any other desirable items out of sight. A thief is less likely to target your van if they can't see an obvious reward.

Most thieves will take the easiest option to steal a van, so make yours less of a target with these simple security measures.



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