How To Replace Wiper Blades And Why It's Important

October 27, 2016 at 4:50 PM

In reality, the majority of van drivers would not consider replacing their wiper blades as frequently as they consider replacing the oil, brakes or tyres. Nonetheless, replacing the wiper blades on your van is, not only an essential requirement in terms of safety, but also prevents damage to the windscreen. With continued use, damaged wiper blades scratch the surface of the windscreen and seriously impair visibility because they cannot effectively remove rainwater, hailstones, snow or debris. Replacing wiper blades yourself is not a daunting task, just follow these simple instructions:

When To Change The Wiper Blade

If, when driving in the rain, the wiper blades are not completely clearing away water or debris, then the rubber part of the blade has worn and is not fully gripping the windscreen. Also, check for any cracks along the blade.

Establish The Size Of The Wiper Blades

Wiper blades are available in a range of sizes, therefore, you will need to establish which size is the right size for your van. Additionally, you will need to determine the type of wiper blade that is suitable for the vehicle. Standard wiper blades are the most common, however, other designs include; specific fit, spoiler and flat. Bear in mind that in some instances, the blades on the passenger side may differ in size to those on the driver's side. The manufacturer's manual will contain the correct size and design of wiper blade for your vehicle, however, in the event that you do not have the manual, an online search will reveal a plethora of wiper blade guides. 

Remove The Damaged Wiper Blade

Carefully pull the wiper blade away from the windscreen, as the blades are spring loaded there is a possibility that it could spring back and damage the windscreen. Lift the blade from its arm until it is in a horizontal position. When the wiper blade is in this position, you should notice either a hook or pins at the joint, which fix the blade to its arm. As you inspect the joint, you should notice a stopper. Press the stopper, then slowly and carefully unhook the wiper blade and remove from the arm. 

Replace The Wiper Blade

Carefully slide and position the new wiper blade into the same as position as the one you removed; sliding it over the hook until it snaps into position. When replacing the second wiper blade, simply repeat the steps above. Nonetheless, remember that the second wiper may not be the same size or design as the first, depending on the make and model of your van. Refer to the manufacturer's guide as referenced above. 

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