How and why to clean your van!

October 18, 2016 at 9:37 AM

As a tradesman, your van is not only your office but more importantly, it represents your brand. You have to consider the image you present to your customers when you turn up in a dirty van. Taking pride in your work vehicle shows that you also take pride in your workmanship, which is why it's always good to keep your van clean and tidy. 

Not only this, but also if your van is sign written (or vinyl wrapped), because of the dust, potential customers will not be able to clearly see your brand, your website, and your phone number

We know by experience that cleaning up your van requires a certain amount of budget. So how do you achieve remarkable results without spending a huge amount of money? This article will tell you how to get great results while saving both time and effort.

What Do I Need?

Grab yourself a bucket, a chunky sponge, a bug-shifter sponge, an extendable soft brush to reach across the roof, a chamois leather, some car shampoo, and a step ladder. 

Important: Do not use washing up liquid because it isn't good for the paintwork. - Instead use a proper car shampoo, which contains a waxing agent to give you a lasting shine and make it easier to clean next time. 

If you're doing the inside too, you'll need a vacuum cleaner, some glass cleaner, and a microfibre cloth.

Top to Bottom

Start by hosing the whole vehicle down to remove surface dirt and grime, and prevent surface scratches from the sponge. 

Then fill a bucket with hot water and car shampoo, and start from the roof downwards. 

Tip: Don't start at the bottom because it will end up getting dirty again when you clean further up!. 

Use the extendable brush to clean the roof, then the sponge for the rest. With a large sponge, it should be reasonably quick to wash the sides and rear of the van. Use the bug-shifter sponge on the bonnet and windscreen if you need to remove any bugs. 

Don't forget the wheels, use a brush if there is too much brake dust for a sponge.

Dry It Thoroughly

Use the chamois leather to dry the whole vehicle, which prevents watermarks and helps give the van that extra sparkle. 

For larger vans, you might not be able to reach all of the roof, but at least make sure all visible surfaces are wiped dry.

Don't Forget The Interior

Remove all those chocolate wrappers, coffee cups and scribbled notes from inside the cabin, then give it a good vacuum out. 

Take the opportunity to de-clutter by removing anything from pockets and storage trays that don't need to be there. Clean all the glass with glass cleaner spray and a microfibre cloth. 

These cloths are great because they prevent the windows smearing and don't cover everything in fluff. Use an upholstery cleaner for the seats if they're dirty, and also consider an odour-neutralising air freshener to finish. We recommend keeping some handy interior wipes to maintain your vans 'just cleaned' feeling for longer.

So there you have it, a clean and shiny van, and an interior that you'll be happy to sit in. Next time you arrive at your destination you'll be proud of your sparkling vehicle!





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