Homer Simpsons’ seven ways to use a van!

June 12, 2015 at 1:59 PM

We all know that Homer owns a pink estate but here are seven reasons why he may want to own a van.

1. Lots of space to store doughnuts and Duff!

We all know Homer is not the healthiest cartoon character ever created! We also know that doughnuts and Duff beer are Homer’s passion… So if you were Homer what would you look for in a van? A fridge and drawers, to keep them fresh; with a quick calculation considering that a box in 9”5/8” x 6”3/x 3” (roughly 24.5cm x 17cm x 7cm) contains about 20 doughnuts, in a Mercedes Sprinter Homer could carry over 5,000 Doughnuts, or about 2,000 if he wants to carry some Duff as well.

2. A safe playroom for Maggie

Maggie is a “little monster” who always puts herself in danger. Wouldn’t it be great if she could be in the safety of Daddy’s van, considering the size of a LWB, Homer could easily make a secured playroom for her out of harm’s way! The only issue could be him forgetting she was in the van.

3. A prison for Marge’s sisters

It is well-known that Marge’s sisters Patty and Selma are awful, both in terms of habits and in terms of language and as they can’t stand Homer, there is no doubt that homer would happily convert his van into a prison wagon. And we are sure here at Capels that some of you wish they could do the same.

4. Block Ned Flanders’ driveway

As to every hero, there is a foe; we can easily consider Ned Flanders to be Homer’s, and what could be a better use for a van than being a pain for Flanders and blocking his driveway, the only risk would be if it were towed away. “D’oh!”

5. To drive to Krusty Burgers

One of the greatest places for Homer is definitely Krusty Burgers, with a crew van he would have no difficulties carrying around the whole family including the pets, Patty and Selma and even Abraham “Grampa” Simpson.

6. A music room for Lisa

We all know Lisa loves playing the saxophone, unfortunately for her, her brother is constantly bothering her and interrupting her practice. Turning the van into a mobile music room could be a smart idea to avoid Lisa’s Sax practice being crushed once more.

7. To drag Grampa Simpson back to the retirement home.

Since Abraham Simpson hates Springfield Retirement Castle, it may be useful for Homer to lock his father in the storage room and deliver him like a parcel back to his place.

With all these possibilities we are wondering why Homer hasn’t bought himself a van yet…

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