Factors to Consider When Buying a Used Van

August 17, 2017 at 7:53 PM

Vans have become a preferred vehicle for many people. This is due to their ample space for both luggage and people. Used vans are a good deal because they are lower priced than new ones. Therefore, you get more value for your money. It is crucial to ask yourself the following questions before buying a used van:

  • Why do you need it? What will be its purpose? 

  • Will you use it to transport goods or as a big family car? 

  • How much money are you willing to spend? 

It is crucial to do a thorough research before making the purchase. Newspapers advertisements and used cars dealers online are good sources of information. Choose the method that is convenient for you.

How to buy a used van:

  • Carry out a thorough research on the seller 

  • Identify the ideal one for you and get more information about it 

  • Check the size range available in the market 

  • Decide the one to purchase according to your needs 

  • Check the price indicated and research on the best price available 

  • Get information about the fuel economy, interior space, cargo space and the operating costs 

  • Test drive 

Five things to look out for when buying a used van:

1. The cost

It is important to purchase a van that suits your budget. It is easy to search for them online. You can compare prices and buy the one that you can comfortably afford. Bargaining is an essential element in the purchase. Getting a good deal depends on your ability to negotiate. You can save much money if you are smart in bargaining.

2. Reliability

Vans that are reliable will last long without the need for repairs hence reduces the long-term expenses. Those with a high engine power are reliable to drive even in the hilly countryside. The year of manufacture, make, and model also determines if it is reliable or not.

3. History and condition

A van that has undergone severe damage in the past is likely to experience problems. An excellent repair workshop can return it to its original form. However, it will always have more problems than a van that has not had a severe collision in the past. The overall condition is also paramount. For instance, if the brakes need repair, the cost should be included in the total buying price. It is advisable to have a mechanic with you to give the vehicle a quick look over to ensure that the engine and the different parts are working properly.

4. The mileage

It is important to ask the dealer how many miles the van has travelled. The distance it has travelled affects its engine's performance. The mileage covered also affects the buying price. Those that have travelled more miles tend to be cheaper than those that have travelled lesser miles.

5. Test drive

After identifying the van you want, it is important to test drive before buying it. This will help you identify any weakness it may be having before deciding to buy it. You will see the condition of the steering, brakes, tyres and gear engine. If their status satisfies you, you can proceed with the paperwork and sign to complete the purchase. 


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