Can I Drive A Campervan?

October 22, 2019 at 1:23 PM

Can I Drive A Campervan

Can I Drive A Campervan?

Simply put, if you have a Full UK Driving License, you should be covered to drive most campervans!

As campervans are typically, if not always, a converted van, like a Volkswagen Transporter or Ford Transit, anyone with a standard UK driving license is legally permitted to drive one. Obviously like any vehicle, you need to be insured and your insurer will need to know about the vans usage.

Providing then that the camper has a full MOT, insurance and you have a full UK driving license the road is yours.

Advice on driving a campervan

While there is nothing technically different about driving something like a Transporter, there are some things to bear in mind before you set off and when you are on the road.

Obviously your campervan will be bigger than your road car and if you aren’t used to driving vans it is a good idea to get used to it around town before driving any significant distance so you are used to how it .

Most of our modern campervans feature things like parking sensors to make life easier but you must ensure your mirrors are positioned correctly so you can see the rear of the van and your blind spots.

Also, given that a campervan carries a lot more weight, consider this when breaking and taking corners as the handling of the van will be affected by the change and distribution of weight.

What about carrying passengers?

There are no specific laws regarding the conversion of a van for carrying passengers but this will fall under UK law governing all cars/vans designed for road use. So what does this mean?

All passengers must have a fixed, secure seat that will stay in situ in the event of an accident. And, whilst there is no legal requirement for seatbelts to be fitted in the rear of a van, we would not sell a campervan without them and suggest you take the same approach with British or Euro Standards for seatbelts.

Some campervans may come with side seats and even if these are fitted with seatbelts, they will largely be ineffective as they are not designed to be used side on, so we would suggest not travelling with passengers in a side seat configuration. In the event of an accident, safety cannot be assured and in our campervan conversions we use front facing seating!

Can children travel in a campervan?

Children under 12 must travel in compliance with seatbelt wearing regulations which means they must be in a suitable child restraint so again, this would only be possible if they are placed in front facing or rearward facing seats with three point seatbelts fitted so bear this in mind if you are looking to buy a campervan and travelling with children.

In summary then, as long as you have a valid driver’s license and safely built campervan there is nothing left to do but enjoy your travels and your home from home.

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