Campervan holidays: What you need to remember.

May 31, 2016 at 10:34 AM

There's nothing quite like a holiday in your campervan: The feeling of freedom and that intimate closeness with your partner or family. Travelling in a campervan is simply one of the most fun ways to see the country. However, we've all been there, the morning you are set to go away, having to deal with the headache of packing up. Here are some essentials that you mustn't forget:


I know that sounds ridiculously simple. But if you don't have any "juice" you are not going to get too far. Before you set off to explore, make sure you have a full tank.

Road maps/sat nav

I know part of the fun is getting lost, but you don't want to get "LOST, lost" taking a wonder off the road-most-travelled can be exhilarating. Panicking because you haven't seen a shop in three days and the kids are starving is not - which brings me nicely to the next suggestion...


A drink is especially important during the warm summer months as keeping hydrated is vitally important. Most campervans will have a small fridge, so stocking a week’s supply of food and drink is probably not feasible. But there's no reason you can't have some emergency bacon in there, is there?


In the modern world, a tablet and mobile phone can keep you and/or your little ones amused for a couple of hours. But why not pack up the board games and enjoy some old school fun. Travelling solo? A deck of cards and a game of solitaire is a classic, stimulating time sink.


Not to sound like "captain obvious" but it is vital to take weather appropriate clothing. If it's the summer months you can leave that jumper your Nan lovingly knitted behind. But even when there's a heatwave a waterproof jacket is essential for those unpredictable weather days.

First aid kit

Nobody is going to be carrying around a defibrillator (unless you happen to holiday in an ambulance) but a little pack with some rudimentary bandages, some plasters and a bit of sterile water never goes amiss. Check it is fully stocked before every lengthy journey.

Breakdown cover

As somebody who has recently found himself parked on the hard shoulder with a campervan full of kids, I cannot stress enough how important this is. Trust me when I say that the small monthly fee is preferable to the large fee incurred when trying to sort these things out yourself!

Space savers

Even if you have an awning (and I’d recommend getting one) space can often become an issue, especially if you have a family. You can get foldable chairs, washing lines, and loads of other useful items and I’d recommend stocking up on them as they will prove invaluable on your travels.

Obviously, this list is not exhaustive and you will have your own “essentials” but hopefully this will give you a good starting point so when you set off on your travels you know that the important things are in hand.


Campervan holidays: What you need to remember

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