BlueMotion Technology: Why is it good for Your Van?

February 29, 2016 at 1:30 PM

BlueMotion is a Volkswagen Group tradename for some specific van models with a strong emphasis on higher levels of fuel efficiency. It is in reference to an assortment of technologies which are all fitted into the van with the goal of cutting down fuel consumption. The reference to Blue, is for the corporate colour of the Volkswagen Group while the word 'Motion' denotes the mobility and flexibility the brand can offer you.

How BlueMotion Technology Works

The benefits of having a Van with BlueMotion technology can be best summarised by explaining how the system works. Currently, there are only two genuine BlueMotion models available in the Volkswagen range – the Caddy BlueMotion and the Crafter BlueMotion. 

1. When you Stop/Start the Van

The first point of action is the Start/Stop function that detects the times your vehicle comes to a stop/halt position and then stops the van’s engine. Subsequently, an uprated starter motor or a separate motor restarts the van’s engine the instant you press the clutch.

Effectively, this reduces idling costs when you are stuck or moving slowly in heavy traffic. At the same time, it makes your van a quieter and more peaceful place as you sit in the traffic snarl up or at the traffic lights. The Start/Stop technology also helps in cutting harmful emissions through automatically switching off your van when you are not in motion.

2. Low Rolling Resistance Tyres

The reduced rolling resistance tires technology take less energy and also utilises less energy when the van is in constant motion. The effect is that it reduces fuel use when you are pulling off and when in cruise mode. The VW BlueMotion technology makes the low rolling resistance van tires suitably ‘grippy’ for the motorways of today. 

3. Regenerative Braking

Regenerative Braking helps the van charge its own batteries. This system recovers the lost energy your van produced during braking so that it is reused for acceleration or engine start purposes.

By the time you break, the energy recuperation system uses momentum to turn the alternator and charge the battery. A well-charged battery means that the engine will do less work, which in-turn saves fuel.

4. Hill Hold Assist 

When on an uphill, Hill Hold Assist could be a very handy and efficient application for your Van. The Hill Hold Assist works by holding the brakes on for a short time, meaning that you don’t need to rev the engine unnecessarily. 

The innovative range of energy-saving technologies of Volkswagen BlueMotion works through several mechanisms to improve fuel efficiency. This starts with automatic stop/start to reduce rolling resistance tires. The technology works in synergy with the Volkswagen advanced gearboxes and engines in order to reduce harmful emissions and cut fuel consumption.

Other fuel-saving attributes that come with the package include recuperation of energy from your braking and the assistance it provides when on a hill. However, the most remarkable feature is the increased efficiency that reduces your van’s running costs.

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