Be in the Know about Parking your Business Vehicle at Home

July 31, 2016 at 9:50 AM

The following expert advice has been devised and wrote in a simple fool-proof form making it easier for you to understand the ins and outs of parking a business van at home.

This is a question which a lot of people don't know the answer to and is an important piece of knowledge to have. Of course, the range, size and model types of vans vary which makes the rules different for everyone as does whether it is a personal van for a home business or a company van provided to you from your workplace. To avoid conflict with neighbours, make sure you know the rules!

Tips concerning parking commercial vans

If you have a company van, then you need to have permission to park it outside your home but not on your home grounds. If you work for a company, then they need to allow you permission also to park the vehicle outside your home.

Make sure you check the times and period that you are allowed to park outside your home. For example, if you park overnight and on a regular basis make sure you inform your insurers as well as making sure you are allowed to be there during that time. Depending on the area you are in you might also need to have a special permit if you’re outside the lines of your home.

The above rules only apply if you are parked outside the limitations of your home.

There is one small fine detail which will stop you from parking your commercial vehicle outside your home and that is if there are any previous restrictions or clauses on the house deeds which in fact can prevent the parking of a trading vehicle there. These are rarely found but it is worth checking with your lawyer to avoid future problems.

Council permission for parking

More and more people are complaining of work and business vehicles obstructing their view and all in all, annoying them and obstructing their residential space. Because of this fact, a lot of councils have now asked for owners of business vehicles to apply for parking permission. This is a simple and easy process and the things they take into account are as follows:

  • The size and design of the commercial vehicle.
  • The parking position and how close it is to other residential properties.
  • The effect on the homes and surrounding homes appearance.
  • The times and periods your van is parked there.

Avoid conflict with your neighbours

To avoid conflict with your neighbours then it is important that you ask them if parking your van will bother them and if they show concern then you need to check first with your solicitor to see if it is possible on the land you reside on. The second thing you need to check is if you need a certain 'permission' with your local council. In effect, you shouldn't have any issues with parking your commercial vehicle either on or nearby the property but to be safe it would be a good idea to check with the expert bodies who can advise you on the regulations in your area. If you don't check first and you don't get the correct permission, then it could result in lawsuits from your neighbours and hefty fines from the council!


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