Alternatives To The Ford Transit

February 18, 2020 at 12:30 PM

The Ford Transit has been Britain’s number one work van for decades and is currently the second bestselling van, worldwide, of all time. Introduced in 1965, the Transit is on it’s 4th generation and for most of us, seeing one is a daily occurrence.

So it’s simple then, if you need a van, you should buy a Transit… or should you? At Capels we know that when it comes to buying a van, you need functionality and reliability and it’s for this reason we offer a variety of vans we feel are up to task.

So, if you are in the market for a used van and want to see a larger range, take a look at some of our Ford Transit Alternatives.

Volkswagen Transporter

The only van more famous than the Ford is the VW Transporter! The second model of car to be made by Volkswagen, after the Type 1 (Beetle), the Transporter started life as the Type 2 and was a hit Worldwide immediately. The “Splitty” of the 1960’s continues to be a symbol known globally and since then the Transporter has seen 6 new designs which bring us to todays Volkswagen Transporter T6.

Volkswagen Transporter Vans

In panel van guise, the Transporter is a stylish van first and foremost with looks that show its heritage. The interior feels a lot like you would expect in a VW road car, with a stylish functional dash with infotainment display.

The Transporter is incredibly versatile also, with the ability to easily convert into a comfortable minivan or a van for the bigger, more active family. They are also ideal for conversion into disability vehicles as well as being a solid choice for a cargo/panel van.

Whether you need a passenger van, cargo van or campervan conversion, we have Transporters available to suit every use.

Vauxhall Vivaro

With a range that currently starts at around £5,000 less than the Transit range, the Vivaro is worth a look, with used prices just as good for quality cargo vans that are made in Britain with manufacturing in Luton.

Vauxhall Vivaro Vans

The Vivaro are a great alternative to the Transit, offering slightly smaller payload capacity and with smaller engines, but the differences are slight and unless you need a huge payload and tow weight, you will find the Vivaro up to the bulk of tasks.

The Vivaro is good for over 1,000kg of cargo, can tow up to 2 tonnes with a braked trailer. They come with economical 1.6 litre diesel engines which offer top economy figures of up to 47mpg.

Along with Cruise Control, Air Conditioning, Bluetooth Connectivity, the Vivaro offers a lot of van at a decent saving on the admittedly more accomplished all-rounder that is the Transit.

Mercedes Sprinter

The Mercedes Sprinter is a close competitor and closely matched van to the Transit, both in quality, options and price. In terms of storage in the cabin and maximum payload in the cargo area, the Sprinter actually offers more space and can carry more mass.

Mercedes Sprinter

You can also expect Bluetooth, USB connectivity, Air Condition and Cruise Control in Sprinters to make journeys more comfortable and connected.

The Sprinter matches the Transit closely, with 2.1 litre diesel engines offering plenty of power for city and motorway driving and they hold price very well so should be considered.

Ford Transit

All that said, the Ford Transit is top of the pile for good reason. Browse our large range of Transit Vans which includes people carriers, tippers and LWB models.

Ford Transit Vans at Capels

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