All You Need to Know About MOT Testing

July 15, 2016 at 9:43 AM

Any vehicle operating in the UK must comply with the least minimum road and environmental safety and standards. To do that, owners must take the initiative of taking an MOT test particularly for vehicles that are more than three years old.

What is an MOT test?

An MOT is an assessment of the vehicles to evaluate the functioning of some important items in them, checking whether they meet the legal requirements. An MOT test comprises a revised registration plate testing, vehicle identification number confirmation and towbar testing among other vehicle parts.

For all previously registered vehicles, their existing registration plate must be secure, present, composed of appropriately shaped letters and good spacing, and not dirty, faded or masked symbols. Those registered before the beginning of 1973 should display grey, silver or white characters on their plate's background while motorcycles or three-wheeled vehicles must not have a front number plate.

How do I know that my van needs an MOT?

The MOT test will assess the number plate and towbar of corrosion, damage, retaining gadget missing or if their operations are impaired or halted distorting their functioning. The MOT will test the headlights for positioning with beam setters, ensuring that they are correctly set not to dazzle with other road drivers. Brake balance and efficiency will also be checked using a roller brake tester or a portable decelerometer. If their function or sequence of operation is in any way impaired, then your vehicle may not be allowed to hit the roads.

Vehicles that must take the MOT test

The MOT test will be taken by all vehicles manufactured and adapted to form part of a pronounced vehicle. This includes all PSVs carrying more than eight passengers, vehicles with a gross weight of more than 3,500 kilogrammes, horseboxes whose weight exceeding 3,500 kilogrammes as well as converter dollies manufactured before the beginning of 1979.

When to get an MOT test?

If your vehicle has been registered with no prior use on the road, an MOT is needed three years after the vehicle's registration date. This is to mean that, if you registered your new vehicle on 1st January 2014, it would need an MOT not later than 1st January 2017. Moreover, if your vehicle was used before its registration like in the case of importation, an MOT will be needed three years following the end of the date of manufacture of the vehicle.

For Trailers, Lorries and Buses, the test is done annually. The initial test must be done 12 months after the first registration of the vehicle with a Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) - after which annual MOT testing is scheduled.


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