A good van makes your business run more smoothly

November 04, 2015 at 10:29 AM

It doesn't matter what your business is, having the right tools is critical. A van is just as useful a tool as a screwdriver or spanner. Having a good one not only will make your company run more smoothly but will also attract more clients. Of course, this does not just apply to sole traders and SMEs, but also multi–national firms around the world.

So what are the essential uses of your company van?

The most apparent use of any van is to transport goods. If you are a wholesaler, for example, this could include deliveries to shops, offices and factories. If you have a van, it could be used to pick up or deliver goods yourself, rather than pay a courier service. As a long term solution, this could be good for the company balance sheet and save you money.

If you are a small company, having a van can give extra space when needed, if storage facilities are tight. What's more, it is moveable so is a very flexible solution to short term problems.

Every tradesman needs a van, and for electricians, plumbers and builders the van is a fundamental support unit and also great advertising.

The van that is essential to business operations

There are several scenarios where a company is built around a van, and that's why it is vital to have something reliable. House clearance companies and removal firms couldn't run without these versatile vehicles, and the more reliable they are, the more reliable is the business.

It could be described as the cheapest and most direct advertising that your company will ever have. By putting your business name and telephone number down both sides, you immediately have a mobile advertising campaign that runs seven days-a-week for 24-hours. Even when it is parked, it is still generating potential leads by informing the general public what your services are. Some vans have corporate colours that are instantly recognisable. This can be done on a nationally, but also works on a local level. A van is an amazing way to get your message across to members of the general public. In fact, some firms think they are so important, they put a disclaimer at the back telling people to telephone them if it is being driven badly. If vans didn't matter, then they wouldn't go to the trouble.

A terrific looking van will be a great servant to your business

A lot of firms make the choice of van that they choose an integral part of their business planning. Many of these companies try to think of novel ways to make their fleet stand out. However, this will work both ways. While a great looking well-maintained van will send out highly positive messages to potential clients; a filthy badly maintained one with smoke coming out of the exhaust could do the opposite.

This is why firms must have a well-maintained fleet of vans and a program in place to replace worn out vehicles.

A van could well be the most useful tool that you will ever have.

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