5 Reasons to Buy a Van

October 07, 2015 at 9:19 AM

So, you're thinking of getting a van, but are having trouble finalizing the decision. It's understandable - purchasing your next vehicle isn't just a Friday night something-to-do.

One's vehicle plays an important role in their life and all bases should be covered in the decision-making process. Here are some great reasons to get a van.

The Size

This goes without saying, vans are huge. Not only are they larger than cars, but the space within the van in which one has to work is very flexible. Whether transporting work equipment, luggage or passengers, vans are the easiest to work with due to their abundance of space and stowable seats, making them great for any sort of transportation. Not to mention that the extra cup holder space allows for transportation of beverages, making you the number one guy for coffee runs.

The Better View

Those driving a van tend to be much more aware of what's beyond the car in front of them. Not only does this stop the driver in front of you from ruining your gorgeous view when passing by Northern Ireland's oceanic border, seeing further down the road offers a huge safety boost when driving. 

Vans Are More Economical Than You Think

The age of small cars is upon us, leaving potential van owners wary of their next purchase. However, while vans may not be as easy on gas as small cars, they're a lot better than you think. A van's fuel economy does not proportionately decline as it's size increases. On a size-to-fuel-economy ratio, vans are actually quite easy on the gas.

Vans Are Great For Hauling

When most people think hauling, they think pickup trucks. It's not clear where the idea that pickup trucks were the only suitable vehicle for hauling came from, but it couldn't be further from the truth. While they certainly get the job done, vans tend to be just as useful for these purposes. Whether moving a trailer or transporting home-improvement cargo, vans have the tendency to get it done.

They Can Be Wheelchair Accessible

While not an applicable benefit to everyone, a van is the easiest type of vehicle to modify when wheelchair accessibility is needed. Whether a friend needs a ride, or you'd fancy becoming an Uber driver, wheelchair accessibility can come in handy under several circumstances.

Hopefully, we've covered some obvious and not-so-obvious reasons to make your next vehicle purchase a van purchase. It's clear that, unlike cars or trucks which are designed to perform under certain conditions, vans are well-rounded vehicles aimed at making any job doable - from family trips to packing cargo - without having to call upon those with more suitable vehicles. For those with a hustle-bustle, multi-purpose lifestyle, buying a van just makes sense.


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