5 Myths about Vans

July 09, 2015 at 10:05 AM

New and used vans are offered in a vast variety at the moment. However, some people refuse to make a purchase because they were not properly informed about vans.

Myths and legends often influence buyer’s decisions. There are also many traps which you can fall to when buying a used van. That’s why we have decided to share the top 5 myths about vans with our readers. So you can make your own conclusions about vans. Moreover, you will avoid making various mistakes when buying a vehicle.

1. Vans are Very Expensive

A lot of people think that vans are very expensive so only businesses and organizations can afford to purchase them. However, this is not true. In fact, a van is not an expensive option. So, most drivers can afford to buy one. If you can’t buy a van outright it’s not a huge problem as most dealers can provide their clients with finance and leasing options. You will need to pay around £350-£400 per month to buy a new van on finance. Even if this sounds too expensive don’t despair! There are a lot of quality used vans which are a much cheaper option.

2. Vans are Not Great for Long Trips

Up-to-date vans are equipped with all the features which are necessary to make your long trip comfortable and enjoyable. Many vans have air conditioning, DVD players, entertainment systems, reading lights, overhead luggage bins and storage containers. Obviously, all these things will help passengers to relax and feel good during long trips. The structural designs of the modern vans provide passengers with additional safety and comfort. Drivers of modern vans are provided with power steering and breaks, instruments and other options. This means that vans can be easily used for long trips.

3. Vans are Difficult to Maintain

This is another myth about vans. If you buy a new van you will be provided with a guarantee on the engine (that can last up to 5 years). So most repairs will be done at no cost during the manufacturer’s guarantee period. Secondly, vans of well-known manufacturers are reliable and can serve you for many years. Vans are also known to be fuel-efficient, this means that if you purchase a van you will minimise your fuel costs significantly. Vans are not expensive to maintain and operate!

4. Vans are Not Safe

The statistics show that the drivers of buses and vans are less involved in accidents comparing to the drivers of cars, motorcycles and trucks. So, we can easily conclude that vans are safe vehicles.

5. It is a Good Idea to Buy Cheap Used Vans

You should never make fast decisions when buying used vans. You shouldn’t hurry even if a van is very cheap and the deal looks great at the first sight. You must be always careful! Keep in mind that a cheap used van can have a lot of hidden problems. Obviously, you need to check a vehicle thoroughly before to make the purchase. Make sure that a used van doesn’t have any mechanical defects. Additionally, you need to ensure that vehicle is not cloned or stolen. 

Don’t hesitate to ask a seller questions about a van. If you are not sure or have any doubts then just consider another vehicle! Find a reliable dealer of used vans that has a good reputation.


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