5 good reasons you should exchange your company car for a van.

May 26, 2015 at 11:46 AM

Some companies give a car to their employees but most of them undermine that vans can be way more interesting for many reasons.

1. More advertising space for your business

In this world, it is really hard to be noticed. People are overwhelmed by ads whether it is on the telly, on the radio, on the internet or on gigantic billboards. Advertisements are everywhere. The only time when someone doesn’t have to think about ads is when they’re driving on a country road or when they’re in the traffic jams. If your van mentions your company details you may actually drive business leads. Don’t hesitate to park your van in public car parks as people may look at it and call you!

2. Having more storage

When visiting a client for a demonstration or some specific work you may need to take additional tools or materials, having a van gives you the opportunity to carry it all around with you. Also, you may have to move offices when your business grows, why pay a removal company?

Finally, if your warehouse is full you can store some of your product in your van (provided that they are not perishable!).

3. A van looks professional

Vans have the capacity to reassure the client (provided they are well-maintained) about the health of your business. A van is also a sign of a successful professional - it is the shop window of your business when outside the walls. Always have your van as clean as possible, it gives the impression that you will provide an immaculate job and reinforces the trust of the prospective client in your business.

4. To be secure and efficient

Most vans are fitted with tracking systems, these systems provide you with plenty of information such as:

  • Geolocation of the van in case of theft
  • Increased productivity and customer service (you could provide live ETAs to your clients and avoid lack of workplace ethics)
  • Eco-friendly driving (provides you information about  your mileage and fuel expenses)

They can be used either to increase the performance or simply to secure your van. This type of tracking device is only available on luxury cars.

5. To be able to sell directly

Vans can be used as a point-of-sale as well; especially if you are selling small products or services you could use your vans as a wheeled shop. This additional service may imply some costs but it will boost your business.

We hope that this article has convinced you to exchange your company car for a company van and if you are ready to take the next steps - come to meet us, we have the best used vans in South Wales!


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