13 Ways You Can Start a Business with a Van

June 23, 2015 at 2:44 PM

Not many people who own vans love driving around but if you are among those who do, you can maximise on it by turning your vehicle into a career.

Here’s how you can do it:

1. Provide Courier Services

A lot of the time, people need to get packages delivered from one point to another but just don’t have the time to do it themselves. Starting a courier service can help you cash in on this market.

2. Start a Van Rental Company

Whether it’s for an event, or for someone relocating to the next town, you can rent out vans to them and make a substantial amount cash from it.

3. Offer Waste Haulage Services

If there are any rental apartments around you that need their waste hauled regularly, you can use your van for this purpose.

4. Cater For People Attending Car Boot Sales

Sometimes, a colleague or acquaintance may need to attend a car boot sale but lack space in their car to carry all their goods. Your van can come handy in such a case.

5. Provide Taxi Services

Get registered for a PCO License and get yourself one of those crew vans.

6. Cater For Sightseers

If you are based in a location that is frequented by tourists, you can take them around the local attractions.

7. Drive People to Their Appointments

Attending medical appointments can be difficult, particularly for elderly people. With your van, you can make this easier for them.

8. Deliver Organic Food to Homes in Your Area

If you make yourself presentable, you can organise with a food store to deliver their goods to customers.

9. Train People How to Drive

Training learner drivers is tricky but if you have the nerve to do it, you can take them for practice and make money while at it.

10. Have Businesses Advertise On Your Van

If you love to drive around, you can get small businesses to advertise on your van at a fee.

11. Help Neighbours Get Rid Of Items They Don’t Need

Helping people dump items they don’t need but don’t know how to get rid of can also be a good way to make the most of your vehicle.

12. Provide Mobile Photography Services

If you are into photography, your van can provide more than enough space to carry around what you need and make the most of your skills.

13. Provide Airport Transfer Services

Transferring people to and from the airport can also be a good way to make money with your van, especially if you live near the facility.

If you have thought of owning a van but don’t know what you can do with the vehicle to make some extra money, the above pointers should provide you with good enough reason to obtain one. Come and have a look at our website to discover our used vans in South Wales.


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