10 Ways To Add A Million Miles To Your Van

November 22, 2016 at 11:33 AM

The truth of the matter is that vans are expensive. Besides the capital investment and the insurance, the maintenance sure isn't cheap either. It seems as soon as the van is paid off, it all falls apart and you have to start again from scratch.

What if I tell you that your van can last a million miles? In fact, current statistics reveal that one in five vans are over 10 years old. Vehicles are lasting longer because they're built better than their predecessors. And if they are reliable, then they will be more economical to run than buying a new model. Here are some of our top tips to keep your van on the road to longevity:

Under the Hood:

  1. Synthetic Oil is worth its weight in gold. Yeah, it's not cheap but if you want to extend your engine's life, synthetic and not the conventional motor oil, will help do that. They don't degrade as quickly in hot engine temperatures, and in extreme winter conditions they remain fluid.
  2. Use Good Quality Parts. I cannot stress this enough. If you want your van to last, quality products last longer and give better performance than cheap bargain-basement parts.

Routine Maintenance:

  1. Keep a Maintenance Calendar and adjust it according to your needs. Check your antifreeze weekly, your belts, hoses and fluids monthly, your oil and air filter every second month. Similarly have a plan to check every single aspect of your vanmore often than the factory recommendations. Stay on top of routine maintenance and you will eliminate surprise engine troubles. Stipulate the date every time you do a check, and put a reminder on your phone the week that your maintenance is due.
  2. Rust Proof Your Van. Seriously, rust damage is a nightmare to get rid of and it's simple to avoid in the first place.
  3. Good Quality Mats will prevent water and mud from causing rust to start from the inside of your van.

Driving Style:

  1. Look Ahead and try to avoid braking, and the start-and-stop cycle which cause havoc on your clutch and brakes. By timing your speed so that you hit all the traffic lights when they are green, you are saving yourself some petrol money too.
  2. Slow Starts And Slow Stops will not only save on wear and tear, but your tyres will thank you too.
  3. Don't Ride the Clutch, change gears smoothly and put your van in neutral when you are at a stop.

Common Sense:

  1. Short Trips Are Killing Your Engine because if you trip is less than 10 minutes, your engine hasn't heated up yet. Condensed water which has been sitting in your oil overnight, doesn't vaporize because the van didn't reach its full operating temperature. The water then causes rust and the now diluted oil won't properly lubricate the engine. Thus, it shortens the longevity of the engine. This is the reason people heat up their vehicle before driving it, or if you do have to make those short trips, consider changing your oil on a more frequent basis.
  2. Drive Light by only carrying the essentials in your van. The heavier your load, the more stress is placed on your brakes, your suspension and exhaust system.

Invest in your van now. Memory-making trips await…





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