9 tools every van driver needs

March 14, 2017 at 9:41 AM

Every van driver needs to have essential tools in the vehicle that can help during emergencies or make daily operations easy. Roads are sometimes unpredictable and it all about arriving at your destination safely and staying safe on the way.

This article discusses a few important tools that van drivers should always have with them in their vehicle. 

1. Seat belt cutter and a life hammer

It is common knowledge that even the safest driver can have an accident. This can be caused by another road user. Therefore, it is important to be prepared for the worst. Seatbelt cutter and a life hammers are essential tools for getting you out of the vehicle in case of an accident. These lifesaver tools should be within quick reach during an emergency.

2. Spare wheel


Every van driver should have a spare wheel to change in case he or she experiences a flat tyre. In most cases, vehicles come with only one spare wheel, but if you have enough space, you can have two.

3. Chargers and mobile phone holders

Most of the people have mobile phones, and a van driver must have one for communication with his or her clients. Roadside emergency phones and pay phones are not as common as they used to be. Therefore, it is important to have a mobile phone holder in the car to see who is calling in case of change of plans with the clients. A charger is also going to be important if one is in constant use of the phone while driving. The driver can get adapters such as USB cable charger to use on a laptop or portable battery charger.

4. Torch


A torch is an important tool in the vehicle as it comes handy in a number of situations. The vehicle can break down in the middle of the night, and you will require some light. It also helps to flag down other vehicles for assistance.

4. Paper map

Smartphones have almost rendered paper maps useless. However, a mobile phone can also break down or have its battery go flat. In this case, you will need a paper map to navigate if you are travelling to a new location.

5. Pen and paper

These tools help to write down any new important information you receive on the phone while driving. This can be a change of direction, postcodes, destination, and phone numbers. It also helps to take down another driver’s details if they ram on you and speed off.

6. Spare clothes

Sometimes you can be forced to spend the night on the way because of an emergency or long delay in the traffic jams. Having spare clothes is important so that you can freshen up and continue with the journey.

7. First Aid kit


A first aid kit is an essential tool to have in the vehicle at any time. It helps during small and big emergencies. It is important to restock it every time you use it.

8. Food and water

Having some bottled water in the vehicle especially during mid-summer is important because of the long traffic jams. This will help you to keep hydrated, and you even use some to top up the radiator. A dehydrated driver will have a low concentration which can lead to an accident. This also applies to food which can help you if you are delayed on the road.

9. Safety equipment

It is important to have the required safety important that are recommended to be in every vehicle. These include a hazard triangle, spanners and anything you will need for tasks like changing a flat wheel.



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