10 Facts that indicate you should replace your van

December 22, 2016 at 9:46 AM

As a van owner, your van is often your working tool. However with time failures appear more and more often, here are ten signs that you may need to buy a new van soon.

1. Routinely failing inspections

Inspections are stressful and unpleasant to deal with, but haven't caught a break in a very long time. The list of problems only grows longer, and getting the coveted sticker costs you more and more money each go. This is one of the strongest signs you might want to start looking. 


2. Poor fuel efficiency

As a rule, the older your van, the less satisfactory mileage you can get out of a tank petrol. There is not much that can be done about this: if you are unhappy with your fuel expenses, it's time for a new van. 


3. Check engine light is always on

No matter what you do, this light is a constant presence on the dashboard. Not only does it stress you out, it can also conceal a more pressing problem with your van: when a lesser problem triggers it, it won't alert you, if and when a more pressing issue arises. Check engine? Check the local dealerships for a new van.


4. Regular breakdowns

If your van regularly strands you and your family in the middle of a trip, all the fun of owning a mobile home drains away. Time to move on. 

5. Odometre in the higher six digits

You probably take very good care of your mobile if its mileage is in the high 100,000s or beyond, but keep in mind that wear and tear are inevitable regardless of how lovingly you maintain your van. The breakdown rate will go up the longer you go, and you don't need to stick around for that. 

6. Rust growing like cancer

Once it takes root in your van, rust will inevitably finish it. Don't discard your faithful mobile home at the first specks of oxidation, but watch the problem carefully and consider letting go if it spreads. 


7. Missing safety features

Older vans simply don't come with the latest industry standards in safety, and this should be a primary concern, especially for your family's mobile home. You can do without Bluetooth radio, but airbags, ABS, and parking-aid cameras are essentials you don't want to do without. 

8. Repair bills piling up

Take a look at the amounts you've invested into repairing your current van over the last few years. Compare the sum-total to the price of a comparable, newer model. If the numbers are close, you know what you have to do. 

9. Changing needs

Your van is not the only one growing older; you are, too. As time goes by, you likely find yourself wanting more comfort and better driveability. No point postponing the upgrade!

10. You want it

Last but not least, if you find yourself wanting a new van consistently, you must have good reasons for it. Listen to your gut and retire the old sport!


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